Hampton Island Preserve
An Opportunity to Acquire the Crown of Coastal Georgia


With the beauty and splendor of the property’s setting, mixed with modern amenities, Hampton Island Preserve has all the offerings to fulfill its destiny of being a world-class historic and natural development. Below, explore the opportunity to polish the facets of this diamond of Hampton Island Preserve, the crown jewel of the Georgia coast.

in the midst of HISTORY

The land that is now Hampton Island has served as a home, field of conflict, place of devastation and restoration, and more in its long, rich history. The story begins with the Indians who lived in villages along the waterways of Coastal Georgia, from the Paleo Indians to the Guale Indians, who were the first known residents of Liberty County. The land and its residents have endured many hardships, including the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and the Civil War. Each war brought devastation to the land, but the people who called the land home always worked to bring it back to its fullest potential. One of these families was that of Roswell King, whose son bought South Hampton Plantation in the 1820s, serving as a cherished home for generations to come, until the Civil War drove them out.

In 1997, John R. Morgan of Atlanta acquired the property and renamed it Hampton Island. He constructed a home on the island and sought to protect its stunning natural surroundings, just as the King family before him did. In 2006, Hampton Island moved under dedicated management of Ronald S. Leventhal of Tivoli Communities. Leventhal assembled a world-class team who have provided unparalleled service to the island as well as its visitors and residents for the past decade.

More information about Hampton Island’s history can be found in the book Hampton Island In The Midst Of History, written by U.S. Army Historian Roger S. Durham, 1999.

multiple residential communities: REMARKABLE REAL ESTATE

A treasured piece of American history, Hampton Island sets the stage for extraordinary residential communities for a variety of residents, featuring farms, mini-farms, estates, and cottages.

family office estates: A PLACE TO CALL HOME

A treasured piece of American history, Hampton Island sets the stage for extraordinary residential communities for a variety of residents, featuring farms, mini-farms, estates, and cottages.


Hampton Island also has the offerings to be transformed into Coastal Georgia’s next premier, five-star resort encompassing the Davis Love III Signature Golf Course and miles of trails for riding. Blending into the island’s beautiful nature are also places for unlimited boating, archery, hunting, and fishing.


With its natural surroundings, residences, and outdoor recreation, Hampton Island can be transformed into a diverse community, made up of a resort, residential community, and family estate. Create your own combination of uses for a stunning mixed-use property and conservation easements to assure everlasting beauty and harmony with nature.

the next CHAPTER

Hampton Island’s next chapter begins with you. This private retreat set on a 4,000-acre series of islands of the coast of Georgia has set the stage for its residents to bring it to life for centuries, each with the mindset to preserve its natural landscapes. However you decide to use the land, it is now your turn to make the beauty of Hampton Island enjoyable for years to come.

about US

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Ronald S. Leventhal is the Managing Member of Hampton Island Preserve. He has participated in a wide variety of financial activities, applying his business acumen to the fields of insurance, financial and pension planning, taxation, and…


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Bianca Ursa Croft has been a key staff member of Hampton Island Preserve since August 2005. After 16 years as the Member Service and Island Manager, Bianca has been promoted to Vice President of Island Operations…


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